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Jennifer Haggar


Cameron Ghassemi

Jennifer Haggar and Cameron Ghassemi

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Our Story

Thanks for visiting our site! We are so happy to have you be part of our special day. Here's a little story below of how we met and the proposal. Can't wait for November 6!!

Our story begins the summer of 2006 at a home-for-summer lunch at El Fenix. I (Jen) was having lunch with a friend that ended up turning into a big group lunch, with Cameron joining in last minute. Though we’d known of each other before, we’d never actually met until then. I started hanging out with Cameron’s close-knit group of friends from high school. Over the next five years, we grew closer as friends, hanging out as a big group almost every weekend when home from college. Then late on the night of January 15/16, 2011 at 2 am, I got a text from Cameron asking if I was awake to talk. For some reason, I too was awake at 2 am, back when we were young and less exhausted! He asked me if we could go on a date, and on January 20, we went on our first date to Kenney’s Wood-Fired Grill. If I’m being honest, first date was a little strange since we had been friends for a several years at this point, though we were both giddy like middle schoolers, laughing at the fact we were on a date. We ended the night at my apartment, me having a Ross and Rachel moment of laughing each time we tried to kiss (Friends reference for those who don’t know). A quick shot of vodka later, and we had our first kiss.

Fast forward about 8.5 years, we secretly go to the jeweler, pick a diamond, design a ring, and get it made. It was fun and exciting waiting and guessing at when he’d do it, until it wasn’t. An agonizing year-and-a-half later and lots of convincing that a proposal at home can still be special (thanks COVID), on a quiet Tuesday morning on December 29th, Cameron suggested getting IHOP. I had been craving IHOP for weeks, so this sounded great. IHOP arrives, and I come down to him making screwdrivers, our signature travel drink. I thought well that’s fun! He turned on the fire for nice ambiance. For whatever reason, I thought nothing of these things, and breakfast goes as normal. After we’re done eating, Cameron leaves to put up the OJ in the garage. I’m sitting on the couch picking up all my crumbs from the floor when he comes up behind me and asks if I loved my breakfast. I said yes! He said do you love me. I said yes! He said will you love me forever. I said yes! He said will you marry me? I said WHAT??? Then I turned around, and there he was, on his knee, huge smile mixed with laughter at my reaction, with the most gorgeous ring. I was so shocked that the first thing I said was “is this real??”